Epidemic Ark Rules

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- Have fun!
- Report grievers, cheaters, toxic people and help keep our community clean, make sure to take screenshots/videos for proof.

Dont's: (For your own sake)
Block off Artifact's and boss caves, your base will be removed.
- Block surface caves in Aberration
- Be toxic/disrespectful, we're not babysitters
- Build pointless objects all over the map for the sake of marking land without using it.
- Raid/grief starters, starting tribes, and tribes that are generally no match at all in comparison to yours.
- Try to "inside-raid" people, it's just weak!
- Attempt to raid on so called "secret" alt accounts because we will find you, and hunt you down to the end of the world!

- Certain offences might lead to a tribe punishment depending on the overall damage done.
- Donations are strictly used for server and web expanses, we are a non-profit organisation that does this for fun, not for a living, therefore any gifts you send us are non-refundable.
- Consider helping other tribes to grow strong too in order to create a friendly and happy environment.
Not open for further replies.