Auto updater is not working

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i download from here the latest version of game it was 278.54, and i saw the game have new updates but the laucher dont update the game neider in steam mode or h t t p, it dont validate the files too.

I just notice this, when i launch the game in the main menu its says it is version 278.48 and not 278.54 like the laucher report is someting wrong with the donwload, the laucher or someting else?

Please help me update the game, thanks...
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i just what to share what i do yesterday to manage the game to download the update:

I delete all DLC -> not work for update

I download a fresh SteamCMD exe delete de older and install the new one -> not work for update

i whent to d i s c o r d and to talk to the admins of the server i play and they try to help me too, with a update  batch file -> not work for update

I want to say some of these metods work for others player but not for me.

Today rigth now, i open de epidemic laucher and it update itself from 9.8 version to 9.9 version of the launcher when it finish i go to the settings and set h t t p update metod and is now updating to 279.22, i hope this work fine until the end an i can play the game in the server i was playing again.

i must thanks the epidemic admins for they work so fast in the laucher and into the update to manage it to work again like an automated auto updater.

Now i want to ask were i can download the 3 DLC`s and the Primitive Mode up to date?

Cause i delete it all and i want this c o n t e n t installed and updated too