Game Fails to Start

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So after updating to 278i or maybe its 278b, not sure; my client has been kinda Funky. Back in the day when it was working fine (before the ragnarok crash update), after attempting to run ARK, the Epidemic Launcher would stay open and the game would open up the menu to choose either singleplayer or multi. However with this update my game seems to crash before opening that menu, and not only it closes inmediately but it re tries to open again. So basically its an no ending loop which i cant close or stop from happening, the only way is restarting my computer.

Please its been a week since i last time could play ;/ I've been updating and reinstalling the game this last 3 days; so annoying. I even erased all my singleplayer saves thinking it was a my particular saves crashing the game.

Thank you for your time, Please help me find a other solution rather than reinstalling the whole game.

By the way awesome work Epidemic!

P.S: Anyone knows any vanilla English or Spanish speaking, Ragnarok or Aberration Servers they could hook me up with? Appreciated