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Hello admins i want report this guys because this guys use very strong insults, and this cant be accepted.

in this picture you can see Mangesto [The Guardians] says elekktra quiero fo**** that means elekktra i want f*** you, after this maximus [The Guardians] says hasta el fondo dale mangesto dale.. that means to the botton go mangesto go..

in this picture mangesto says elektra per** that means elekktra bi***
also you can see tigre [the dovakings] elekktra -- te f**** el culo that means elekktra i fu** your a**

on the last picture tigre says: española chupap**** that means spanish suc*** d**** 

I didnt answer any message that they send me i never talk.
im a girl player and i had played a lot of games that i had never read nothing like this, this should be punished, also there are children who play this game that understand spanish and dont need read things like this, children 7 years old or more.

also i can bring you more pictures with more insults i think no one in this server should read this. i can bring to admin real pictures.

I hope an answer impatiently and thank you so much for read it and help me.


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do me a favour tell him i will ban him for 3 days if he continues and if he does reply here and tell me what server and ill ban him


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Hello, i have pics of same guy called Mangesto,tribe -the king guardians,on epidemic 4 the center, insulting me today.

This one calling me mother fucker,son of a bitch....

and this one calling me shit..

This guys are all day insulting by chat,dont have any respect for the other players,please ownprox can u talk with him or do somethink? its bad for the server players that disgusting other players.I have a 14 years old member on my tribe that dont need to listen this all day. Tnx you.